Hydrangea or Hortensia are any genus and variety of flowering plant within the Hydrangeaceae family. A living organism within the Kingdom Plantae scientific classification. Hydrangeas include flowering shrubs, trees, bushes, and climbing vine types of plants. These plants produce beautiful flowers in color combinations that range from lilac to purple to pink and more. Some hydrangea varieties have blue flowers,others white blooms, and most mophead plants can go through a maturing process that will give the blooms a second antique or classic color tone. Hydrangeas are a popular ornamental plant with consumers.

Popular hydrangea species include Oakleaf, Macrophylla, Paniculata, Arborescens, Quercifolia, Anomala, and Serrata. Different types of hydrangeas are grown for their large flower heads on sustainable farms. There are flower markets for hydrangeas that are grown as cut flowers for florists, potted for house plants, and sold in trays as landscape gardening plants.

Hydrangeas are emotions and their flowers are a means of expressing love, appreciation, celebrations, and sometimes even our sympathy.
Thankfully, hortensia flowers are an everyday indulgence of luxury that everyone can afford. Blooming hydrangeas bring happiness and lift the mood.

Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers filled with stunning hydrangeas today. Better yet why not send a flowering hydrangea house plant and make someone smile. You don’t really need a special occasion… “just because”… that’s a good enough reason.

Life’s most inspiring and unforgettable moments are always filled with hydrangea flowers.™

Hydrangea Cut Flowers

Hydrangea Houseplants

Hydrangea Garden Plants


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Hydrangea Flower Petals

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How to plant, grow, and care for hydrangea shrubs, trees, and climbing bushes. Hydrangea cut flowers, houseplants, landscape gardening plants. Hydrangea guide for species, varieties, colors, flower shapes, find wholesale hydrangeas, floral design, flower delivery, growing, and everything about hortensia plants and flowers. Bouquets and arrangements. Almanac. White Flower Farm. Growing and pruning tips. Endless summer plant catalog and care guide.

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